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About The Music Guru

Founded by Pete Sen in 2015, The Music Guru provides tuition in a variety of instruments to primary and secondary school age children. (Adults are welcome too!)  Lessons are usually taught in school hours and the schools we teach in are all in Gloucestershire.

Specialising in the Rock School and Trinity syllabus, Pete and the Gurus have made it their mission to ensure lessons are inspirational, fun and achieve fantastic results.

The Music Guru now teaches online lessons, using Zoom, Skype, whatever you use, we can still make it happen. Contact us, wherever you are in the world. We can offer 20 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.

You will still get the individual tailored lesson to suit you and you can still do your grades!

How it all started and where we are now

Pete Sen is a graduate of the London College of Music and former Musical Director of Gifford's Circus. Aswell as being a songwriter, composer and producer, he set up The Music Guru in order to banish boring music lessons forever! The Music Guru teaches the music that children love and it ensures that live performance is part of it too. After all, who doesn't want to be a rock star?

You can expect all Gurus to have a DBS, either have or be working towards a university degree, at least Grade 8 in their chosen instrument and of course, a love for music.

What sets The Music Guru apart from others is that they are all musicians that play live regularly and they want to share their passion for music with their students.

The Music Guru want to provide students with opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for young musicians, for example, playing in local festivals and performing in annual concerts. 

There is also a termly newsletter and Pete is always on hand should you want to discuss anything at all.

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Advantages of The Music Guru

This is the future of music tuition. No more nursery rhymes. No more learning the same thing over and over again for a whole term. The Music Guru is like one big family, where you can rock out and make new friends. There is even a Saturday music club where you can meet like minded people of a similar age, come to movie nights and perform to a real LIVE audience!

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