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We love letting the press know about our success and our community of rockers!

Winners of 'Music Tutor Of The Year' every year since 2020!

The Music Guru was created in 2015 by Pete Sen, the former Musical Director of Gifford's Circus. He wanted to channel his passion and talent for music in to something that would benefit the community, especially when he noticed that people weren't getting what they needed - inspirational, creative, fun music lessons. Together with his fabulous Gurus, he has created a wonderful community of little rock stars who perform all over Gloucestershire AND they have a 100% exam pass rate! 


As a multi instrumentalist, Pete wanted to ensure a wide range of instruments could be taught.

Combined, all the Guru's offer lessons in:

Electric and acoustic guitar, drums, singing, bass, piano, flute, clarinet, ukulele and saxophone.

Anyone from age 6 is welcome to sign up and experience music lessons like you've never known them before!

We provide termly reports to keep parents updated, opportunities to perform live and to record your tracks at our studio - which is just for our pupils.


Excited to know more? 

Call Pete on 07727 235739

or email

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