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Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Keeping Lessons Safe 


Lessons using one instrument (eg. piano):
Tutor to sit 2 metres from student, either side to side or back to back. If practical, masks can be worn

Between each student, the instrument is either wiped down with antibacterial wipes or sprayed well with fast acting antiviral/antibacterial spray



Students and tutors must have their own books/sheet music

No sharing of any parts of instruments


Hand cleanliness:
Sanitiser is used before and after lessons and students are encouraged to wash their hands as often as possible


Respiratory Hygiene:
Remind students to bring tissues with them and after using, to dispose safely and wash/sterilise hands afterwards.


If a teacher or student catches covid or displays symptoms during a lesson, going on to test positive, admin at the Music Guru will be able to see who had lessons before and after. Tutors will be required to isolate if they have symptoms and get a test.



The virus is projected further when singing and using wind instruments. Lessons will either be outdoors, or with at least 3 metres between student and tutor. All windows must be open for ventilation. Student and tutor to stand side by side or back to back. If practical, masks can be worn for singing.


Switches, instruments, plugs, door handles, everything touched:
Everything must be wiped down when entering and leaving the room in which they teach.

Please note we do not teach in groups and masks are to be worn during lessons

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